Introduction to Affinity Insurance Services

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affinity  /əˈfɪnɪti/ noun:  a likeness based on relationship or causal connection.

Affinity Insurance Services was formed in 2011 to fill what we identified as a gap in the market – a company that put its clients ahead of profit, expansion and ego. 

As the name suggests, our focus is to work closely with our clients to form a lasting partnership. The time that we spend getting to know you ensures that all our clients are provided with the correct advice and value based solutions every time.

Our job is not finished once the insurance program is in place. That is just the beginning.  By maintaining close contact with our clients, we ensure that what is in place remains relevant to you or your business in the future.   

Affinity Insurance Services Ltd is proud to be a member of Insurance Advisernet, a group of over 40 independent insurance brokers throughout New Zealand.