Directors and Officers Liability

Insurance which provides you with cover for the costs involved with legal action following an allegation of a director or officer (ie: managers in senior positions) committing a wrongful act or breaching their fiduciary duty.  Your company is not solely exposed, directors and officers can be held personally liable.  The resulting lawsuits are time consuming and expensive to defend. Possible legal action can arise not only from third parties such as shareholders, creditors, liquidators and competitors, but also from employees (ie: unfair work practices and unsafe work environments). 

Professional Indemnity

A policy which covers you, if you provide any professional service where your clients rely on your expertise and knowledge. This encompasses advice, design, consultancy and analysis. It protects you against allegations of breaching your professional duty and covers legal defence costs as well as any awards made against you.

Technology Liability

This product has been specifically developed for those operating in the Technology Product and Service industry. It combines both a professional indemnity policy and a public liability policy under the same policy wording.

Cyber Liability

An insurance policy that protects you against one of the greatest emerging risks facing business. It provides cover for your liabilities arising from data protection laws, management of personal data and the consequences of losing information.

Given the impact that a cyber event can have on the financial position of your business we recommend that the chosen policy also includes cover that protects you against this. The cover should include cover for the loss of profit or revenue following a hacking attack or virus as well as restoration costs.

Management Liability

This is a suite of products, that aims to provide a packaged solution for small to medium businesses. Generally the sections that can be covered are: 

• General Liability 

• Statutory Liability 

• Employers Liability 

• Employee Dishonesty (preferably in the form of a Crime policy) 

• Directors and Officers Liability 

• Internet Liability 

• Employment Disputes 

• Cyber Liability 

These can be tailored to individual companies depending on their requirements.

Environmental Liability

This cover picks up where the General Liability policy leaves off. Generally, there is very limited cover for pollution or environmental risks under the General Liability or Statutory Liability policies – if it is not fully excluded.   

The Environmental and Pollution Liability policy provides cover for your legal liability arising from bodily injury, property damage and environmental damage caused by pollution events that occur when providing services.  Cover can be also be placed for specific locations that you either own or operate out of. 

There is a limited availability of this product in New Zealand (despite the high level of regulation that focuses on environmental issues) and we would recommend you contact us to discuss if you are in any of the following industries: 

General contracting (commercial, residential, demolition, excavation or earthmoving), 

Building Trades

Remediation Contractors (asbestos, amphetamines, emergency clean-up, general remediation)

Licenced Builder Practitioner Liability

This is a targeted professional indemnity policy especially designed to cover the exposures of LBP’s under the Building Act 2004.  The policy includes cover for civil compensation in respect of financial losses as a result of errors or omissions in documentation and supervision of works. Furthermore, if a complaint is made to the Building Practitioners Board, the policy provides cover for defence costs, costs the Board will impose for hearing the complaint and any fine imposed.